Well, it’s been a week but finally the guys (DJ FU, CT and I) who did the Flash Forward dj gig last week have managed to churn out the mp3 mix of the whole set. Lasting about 50 minutes, this mix contains a broad selection of tracks that we have reviewed before at Gratisvibes. Also included in the mix are several new tracks from The Electronic Music Lab, Singapore mainly to give the whole gig last week a dash of local flavour.

Our aim for the mix was to move from chillout to dance to some high bpm hardcore stuff. Mixing across genres definitely yielded some interesting results. Given our rudimentary mixing skills, there are some rough edges in the mix but nothing too major. Overall, I think it is a fun mix to listen to that lets you sample some of the great music we have reviewed since our inception. So, enjoy listening!

On a side note, do check out the mind-blowing chiptune album Chips on Speed by Ikuma*, who also had a set during the gig, over at Kittenrock.

Thanks to all the CC artists that make Gratisvibes possible and the organizers of the Flash Forward 2007 Party in Singapore.

*Ikuma is a Gratisvibes editor. Guess who.