Our friends from Da ! Heard It Records have another release up their sleeve. Released in November, Digi-Dig is a chiptune release done by Swedish Artist, Goto80. Goto80, if you have not heard of him before, is a rather prolific chiptune maker that has “made well over 1 000 songs released on record labels or for free in the demoscene and the web”.

Now, let’s get to what you’ll find in this release. The opener track is the rather slow moving and glitchy sounding Cp-I. It is not a very catchy song to say the least but is an adequate enough starter to get one intrigued. The second track Datahell, is a rather melodic medium-paced piece but not your average pop tune. I would call it more mood music. It’s a nice showcase of technical wizardry over 8 bit music and is somewhat relaxing to listen to. The next track Exy is somewhat forgettable.

After that, we have Bull Cactus and Soft Commando which don’t sound too far from standard demoscene fare. These are some really well produced pieces that should appeal to any chiptune listener. For me, the action really peaks at the track, Spill, which is probably my favourite track from the whole release. A nice driving rhythm and untethered solos throughout, the track is bursting with energy and a nice peak to the whole release. Everything slows down after and really isn’t too remarkable except for maybe Rofon with its filtered noise generated sea wave effect, which is really neat for 8 bit tech.

Even if 8 bit music is not your thing, but you are interested in “music technology” or complex chiptune song structure, you may want to give this EP a listen. Digi-Dig a fine example of a style of chiptune that is a style all its own.

Thanks to Michel Bertier for the recommendation

NetLabel: Da ! Heard It Records